nitdevil in action

The CCTVmate test monitor is housed in a durable rubberised casing and supplied complete with wrist straps for secure one-handed or even hand-free control whilst being used up a ladder.

In addition to its basic function as a camera test monitor, the CCTVmate has a number of built in test meters and is a professional troubleshooting kit for any CCTV engineer.

A built in meter measures the camera's composite video signal and displays the reading over the camera's image on the LCD screen. A similar device can also measure the output of a connected microphone.

The CCTVmate also produces a test monitor output pattern to enable checking and calibration of CCTV monitors.

A built in multimeter can test the AC or DC voltage on power cables as well as testing for a break in the cables.

For a truly professional edge, the CCTVmate has an RS485 connection to allow full directional and zoom control of a connected PTZ without the use of a separate keypad.